Pretty fly for white guys: Politicians in Finland rap for votes ahead of election

Two politicians in Finland have come up with an innovative way to get their message out to potential voters ahead of the 2 April general election.  Johan Kvarnström and Coel Thomas have both released rap videos, where they set out their policy platforms and try to engage with potential new voters.  Kvarnström is a freshman … Read more

White Powder Sent To Manhattan Prosecutor Investigating Trump: Reports

As the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office continued to lead a criminal investigation against former President Donald Trump, they received a threatening letter containing a white powder on Friday, according to multiple outlets. The envelope and its contents came amid repeated attacks on Bragg by Trump, who on Thursday called the prosecutor an “animal.” … Read more

White House To Dissolve COVID Team

The White House is reportedly preparing to dissolve its COVID-19 team as Joe Biden’s administration prepares to end the coronavirus national and public health emergencies on May 11. Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House COVID-19 response coordinator, will probably vacate his position once the emergency officially ends, while many members of his team have already … Read more

Would Trump indictment help or hurt former president’s 2024 bid to win back White House?

Prosecuting Trump will backfire on Dems politically: Davis

Former President Donald Trump would make history again if he became the first president to be indicted in a criminal case. While an indictment for any alleged crime — and whatever arrest or court hearings accompany it — may sound like a death knell for a politician on the ballot, Trump is far from a … Read more

White House to disband Covid-19 response team in May

CNN  —  The White House will disband its coronavirus response team after the Covid-19 public health emergency ends in May, a current and former official said. The team, led most recently by Dr. Ashish Jha, has begun to dwindle in recent months as the administration has started to shift its response to the virus from … Read more

Video: Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb: Trump turns lawyers into witnesses at historic rate

Former Trump White House lawyer says DC circuit will not be part of ‘delay game’ Former Trump White House Lawyer Ty Cobb reacts to former President Donald Trump’s defense attorney Evan Corcoran’s scheduled testimony before the grand jury investigating classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago. Source link

White House to disband Covid response team in May: report

Sen. Johnson, Sec. Becerra spar over redactions to Fauci emails provided to senators

The White House will get rid of its Covid response team once the public health emergency ends in May, according to reports.  The move to disband the team comes as the pandemic has receded more than three years after the first lockdowns went into effect in the United States. The team was created in February … Read more

‘This is ridiculous’: Congress and White House careen toward default deadline as standoff grows

CNN  —  An upbeat Kevin McCarthy left the White House seven weeks ago with a rosy view about the prospects of raising the national debt limit. “We walked away saying we would continue the discussion,” the House speaker said after an hourlong meeting with President Joe Biden. The discussion, in fact, has yet to continue. … Read more

Opinion: Why ‘Ted Lasso’ belongs at the White House

Editor’s Note: Sara Stewart is a film and culture writer who lives in western Pennsylvania. The views expressed here are solely the author’s own. View more opinion articles on CNN. CNN  —  On Monday, the White House hosted cast members from the Apple TV+ show “Ted Lasso” for a discussion of mental health awareness. It … Read more

White House Slams Crypto As Offering ‘No Widespread Economic Benefits’

WASHINGTON ― No aspect of the cryptocurrency industry escaped criticism in a scathing report from the White House this week. The White House Council of Economic Advisers delivered a 35-page takedown of the idea that digital assets like Bitcoin are useful as an alternative to government-backed currency, the claim that crypto’s underlying distributed ledger technology … Read more