‘Daily Show’ Guest Host Al Franken Gives Susan Collins Blunt Reminder Of Her Failure

“Daily Show” guest host Al Franken closed out his week behind the desk with impressions of four of his former Senate colleagues. The topic was Tuesday’s contentious House hearings on TikTok as lawmakers from both parties put CEO Shou Zi Chew on blast over the popular app’s security risks as well as its close ties … Read more

‘Daily Show’ Lifts Lid On Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s Facial Expressions

And “The Daily Show” knows who is to blame. In a spoof bit that aired on Wednesday, correspondent Michael Kosta adopted the persona of Gavin Bancroft, Carlson’s face coach, to talk about how he coaches Carlson on his appearance, live on air. “If you’ve ever seen Tucker looking like a groom who pooped himself at … Read more

Germany and France steal the show — again – POLITICO

Germany’s coalition government can’t stop bickering. France is a country in revolt. And the EU’s two biggest countries are bringing their baggage to Brussels.  EU leaders had hoped to focus on the economy and foreign affairs when they gather in Brussels on Thursday for a two-day summit. But Germany and France have already hijacked the … Read more

China’s Xi wraps up show of solidarity trip to Moscow — Radio Free Asia

When Chinese leader Xi Jinping bid his host Vladimir Putin goodbye after formal talks at the Kremlin on Tuesday, he spoke about “changes that haven’t happened in 100 years” and that Russia and China, together, “are driving these changes.” To which, Putin replied: “Agreed.” The two presidents, during their three-hour meeting, appeared to have discussed … Read more

‘Daily Show’ Guest Host Al Franken Reveals Exactly Why The News Is ‘Pointless’

“Daily Show” guest host Al Franken devoted a large segment of his Tuesday night monologue to the one item in the news that “makes all the other stories kind of pointless.” “According to the U.N., we’re all going to die,” he said, referring to a grim new report that climate change is advancing and that … Read more

A Texas university president canceled a student drag show, calling it ‘divisive’ and misogynistic. First Amendment advocates disagree

CNN  —  A student drag show aimed at raising money for the LGBTQ community was canceled Monday by West Texas A&M University’s president, who called such shows “derisive, divisive and demoralizing misogyny,” drawing backlash from students and free speech advocates. In an email to the school community, university President Walter V. Wendler said drag shows … Read more

Texas university cancels drag show saying it ‘denigrates’ women, akin to ‘blackface’

Any objective parent knows children don

Walter Wendler, the campus president of West Texas A&M University, criticized drag shows as an event that demeans and diminishes women while canceling an event on campus. Wendler sent out an email to the school on Monday announcing that the college would not be hosting a planned drag show charity performance titled “A Fool’s Drag … Read more

‘Daily Show’ Guest Host Al Franken Has Picture-Perfect Trump Arrest Plan

Former Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) thought his week as guest host of “The Daily Show” would be a quiet one ― until Donald Trump said he expected to be indicted on Tuesday. “And I’ve got just one thing to say about that,” he told the cheering audience. “Finally!” He also had one question about reports … Read more