FBI informant speaks with CNN about her role in Proud Boys trial

CNN  —  Over the past year, Texas woman Jen Loh has been in touch with several Proud Boys now on trial for seditious conspiracy, talking with the members of the far-right group and their defense counsel about the case and suggesting possible witnesses and attorneys who could help. All the while, Loh was also a … Read more

US trying to ‘cover up’ Nord Stream sabotage role – Seymour Hersh — RT World News

The CIA has been told to provide the media with an alternative story for the pipeline’s destruction, the veteran journalist claims Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh claims the US intentionally provided false stories to the media to cover up Washington’s involvement in the destruction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. In a post on his … Read more

President Xi tells Russia’s Putin that China intends to play ‘constructive role’ in Ukraine peace negotiations

Putin says Russia respects China

China intends to play a “constructive role” in resolving Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, according to its foreign ministry. On Monday, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs put out a statement regarding the ongoing dialogue between Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is visiting Russia this week, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the statement, … Read more

China’s Role in the Iran-Saudi Deal May Not Be All That Bad for India – The Diplomat

Iran, Saudi Arabia Agree to Resume Ties, With China’s Help

Advertisement The Iran-Saudi Arabia agreement to restore diplomatic relations signals a major de-escalation between the two bitter rivals. However, the manner in which this deal came about raised more questions than the rapprochement itself. The agreement was brokered by China and signed in Beijing, thus signaling a significant shift in power alignments in the Middle … Read more

Video: The controversial role of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley Bank debacle on CNN Nightcap

Bloomberg Businessweek Columnist and author of “The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley’s Pursuit of Power” Max Chafkin tells “Nightcap’s” Jon Sarlin how tech leaders and VCs “behaved in a panicked herd mentality” when SVB started having problems. For more, watch the full Nightcap episode here. Source link

Sarah Snook of ‘Succession’ is ‘very sad’ to say goodbye to Shiv Roy, a role she almost didn’t take

CNN  —  It’s hard to imagine anybody else who could fill the shoes of the sharp-tongued Siobhan “Shiv” Roy in HBO’s award-winning drama “Succession” other than actor Sarah Snook. “I read the pilot and went, ‘I want to watch this, but I don’t know if I want to be in it,’” Snook told the LA … Read more

Alvin Bragg: the Manhattan DA leading the probe into Trump’s role in hush money scheme

CNN  —  Alvin Bragg, a former New York state and federal prosecutor, drew national attention when he made history as the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office first Black district attorney. Now he is back in the spotlight as his office nears a conclusion in its yearslong investigation into former President Donald Trump’s alleged role in a … Read more

Rishi Sunak Charts Post-Brexit Role With Pivot From ‘Global Britain’

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain has mothballed his predecessors’ projects, large and small, from Liz Truss’s trickle-down tax cuts to Boris Johnson’s revamped royal yacht. But one of Mr. Sunak’s most symbolic changes since taking over as prime minister five months ago has received less attention: retiring the slogan “Global Britain.” No longer does … Read more

China’s Xi to Meet Putin as Beijing Seeks Bolder Global Role – The Diplomat

China’s Xi to Meet Putin as Beijing Seeks Bolder Global Role

Advertisement Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to visit Moscow next week, offering a major diplomatic boost to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the same day the International Criminal Court announced it wants to put the Russian leader on trial for alleged war crimes. Xi’s visit was the latest sign of Beijing’s emboldened diplomatic ambitions and … Read more

Why China Is Looking for a Bigger Role in the Middle East – The Diplomat

The Broader Context Behind China’s Mediation Between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Advertisement Last week, China’s annual “Two Sessions” were eclipsed by the announcement that Iran and Saudi Arabia had reached an agreement to restore diplomatic relations – a deal mediated by China and signed in Beijing. In brokering a breakthrough in Iran and Saudi relations, the Chinese government has two purposes. First, to reflect the role … Read more