With faith under fire today, Dr. James Spencer shares recipe for Christian resistance

‘Jesus Revolution’ movie follows Greg Laurie’s path to finding faith: ‘Everybody needs Jesus’

There’s a unique brand of Christian persecution taking place in Western countries such as the United States.  The same “spiritual forces” are also at work in other parts of the world, where Christians are literally dying for their faith. But in the “civilized” West, the persecution takes the guise of political, legal and cultural challenges. … Read more

Defiant Putin visits occupied Mariupol, symbol of Ukrainian resistance

CNN  —  Vladimir Putin has visited Russian-occupied Mariupol, in an apparently defiant move reported by the Kremlin just days after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for him. Putin was flown into Mariupol by helicopter and toured districts around the city in a car, footage released by Russian authorities showed. The Russian president … Read more

‘Silent pandemic’ warning from WHO: Bacteria killing too many people due to antimicrobial resistance

Fox News Flash top headlines for March 16

The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning of a “silent pandemic” of antimicrobial resistance from infections caused by deadly pathogens that doctors are not able to cure because of a lack of novel agents.  That’s according to an early release of special presentations by Dr. Valeria Gigante and Professor Venkatasubramanian Ramasubramanian of an online “pre-meeting” … Read more

Electoral Commission faces resistance over new voter registration requirement

Citizens without the Ghana Card will not be eligible for a voter ID card according to the proposal introduced to parliament by the election management body. The commission says it will no longer rely on an age-old guarantor system where a registered voter could vouch for the citizenship and age of a prospective voter. “The … Read more

Why Inclusion Matters for Myanmar’s Resistance – The Diplomat

Why Inclusion Matters for Myanmar’s Resistance

Advertisement “You’ve messed with the wrong generation.” In the days after Myanmar’s military staged a coup in February 2021, sparking mass protests across the country, this became a regular refrain for those opposing the military takeover, appearing on banners, placards and social media posts. Younger people – Generation Z and millennials – were the main … Read more

Traute Lafrenz, Last Survivor Of Anti-Nazi Resistance Group, Dead At 103

Traute Lafrenz, the last survivor of the White Rose resistance movement against Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and his grip over Germany, has died. The courageous medical student who became an activist survived imprisonment and evaded execution. She was 103. Though the Hamburg-born activist died Monday at her home in Meggett, South Carolina, the White Rose … Read more