Jumping spiders are TikTok’s new favorite pet

CNN  —  Many lovers of spiders profess a lifelong fascination with all things creepy crawly. Heather Bruen’s affinity for spiders was borne out of necessity. At first she couldn’t stand them – their creepy eight-legged walk-and-stalk, that haunting gaze and garish, hairy body. But living in Florida, where the regal jumping spider is native and … Read more

Price hikes are double whammy for pet owners who are crushed by inflation

Minneapolis CNN  —  As head of PAWS Atlanta, Joe Labriola can get a good sense of the region’s economic well-being from the day-to-day activity of the city’s oldest no-kill animal shelter. Through the course of the past year, it’s become increasingly clear to him that people in the area are struggling under the weight of … Read more