Seizing Russian assets is ‘challenging’ – EU task force head — RT Business News

Debates on the legality of assets expropriation continue, with many arguing it could become a dangerous precedent The EU working group that deals with the issue of confiscating frozen Russian assets will have to be “innovative” in approaching the task, Swedish diplomat and head of the EU’s “freeze and seize task force,” Anders Ahnlid, told … Read more

Global investment in AI takes a hit – report — RT Business News

Investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in decline across the world, plummeting 34% last year to $45.8 billion, analytics company CB Insights reports. According to its analysis, the decline directly corresponds to the broader venture-funding slowdown recorded in 2022. The total number of AI deals were also down for the year by 10% to … Read more

Bank bailout could cost Swiss taxpayers billions – Bloomberg — RT Business News

Every man, woman, and child could be on the hook for $13,500, the news outlet has calculated Switzerland’s decision to rescue failing investment bank Credit Suisse could be a major burden for the nation’s taxpayers, according to Bloomberg calculations. The Swiss government has pledged to absorb 9 billion Swiss francs ($9.7 billion) of the bank’s … Read more

The first Australian soldier has been charged over Afghanistan war crimes, but those ultimately responsible remain in command — RT World News

The murder allegation could be the start of a lengthy string of trials, which is unlikely to ever reach the top brass Earlier this week, an Australian soldier, Oliver Schulz, 41, was charged with murder by the Australian Federal Police in relation to the killing of a civilian in Afghanistan in 2012. Schulz was remanded … Read more

NATO carried out ‘inhumane experiment’ in Balkans – health minister — RT World News

The US-led military bloc bombed Serbia with toxic depleted uranium, which Britain now wants to give to Ukraine NATO’s use of depleted uranium munitions in its air war against Yugoslavia was a “horrible and inhumane experiment” against the entire region, Serbian Health Minister Danica Grujicic has said. Contamination from these munitions led to a surge … Read more

EU losing its appetite for more sanctions – Polish PM — RT World News

Warsaw will nevertheless push Brussels to hit Moscow with fresh restrictions, Mateusz Morawiecki has said The EU is suffering from sanctions “fatigue” and has “less appetite” to impose further economic penalties on Moscow, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Saturday. The sanctions proposed by Morawiecki will likely be opposed by some of the bloc’s … Read more

Biden snubs two NATO allies for ‘democracy’ summit – media — RT World News

Türkiye and Hungary have yet to approve Sweden’s and Finland’s bids to join the US-led military bloc The administration of US President Joe Biden has left NATO allies Türkiye and Hungary off the invite list for next week’s Summit for Democracy, Foreign Policy magazine reported on Thursday, citing three US officials familiar with the decision. … Read more

ChapGPT users’ data exposed due to bug — RT World News

OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman has said the company “felt awful” about the leak The artificial intelligence chatbot service ChatGPT suffered an outage and data breach due to a bug, the developer, OpenAI, announced on its site on Friday. Experts had previously warned about the service being a cybersecurity risk.  The company explained that the service … Read more

At least 23 dead after storms and tornado ‘obliterate’ Mississippi towns (VIDEO) — RT World News

Rescue efforts are still underway with at least four people missing after being hit by severe weather At least 23 people have died after a devastating combination of tornados and storms battered Mississippi on Friday night, local officials said on Saturday. Dozens more are injured and four people have been reported missing, while local authorities … Read more

My would-be assassins are still in office – former Pakistani PM — RT World News

Imran Khan says the threat to his life is “real,” and that Pakistan’s current PM is “petrified” that he will return to power Death threats will remain a constant part of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s life until he can return to power and hold his would-be killers accountable, he told Going Underground host … Read more