For founder’s birthday, North Korean cities ordered to decorate streets with flowers — Radio Free Asia

To celebrate the April 15 birthday of North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung, authorities have ordered cities and towns to decorate the streets with flowers for the first time in three years, two sources in the country told Radio Free Asia. The holiday is a big deal in North Korea, where it is known as … Read more

How SeedLegals plan to win SEA market by helping founders sort out their legal documents

Anthony Rose, Founder & CEO, SeedLegals (left) and Hsiang Low, Head of Asia-Pacific, SeedLegals Ever since its entry to Southeast Asia (SEA) through its launch in Singapore a few years ago, SeedLegals has made some exciting milestones in the country. In a conversation with e27, Hsiang Low, Head of Asia-Pacific, SeedLegals, explains the company’s recent … Read more

Insights from a Singaporean founder’s journey to Silicon Valley

An Italian living in Singapore goes to California…sounds like the start of a joke, but I promise it’s not! I visited Silicon Valley to learn about the startup ecosystem and meet potential partners for the Storya project. Storya has, like many startups fundraising in H2 2022, struggled to find a lead investor for its seed … Read more

Founders Academy: Empowering women entrepreneurs to bridge the gender gap

  Communities play an essential role in societies. They bring people together, provide a sense of belonging and enable them to grow with like-minded individuals. In the startup world, these communities serve an incredibly valuable role — more so for underrepresented entrepreneurs such as women founders. The myriad of challenges women founders face are well … Read more