On this day in history, April 1, 1945, US forces invade Okinawa, last major battle of World War II

Vermont woman receives cache of World War II-era letters written by her parents

The United States launched a massive invasion of the Japanese home island of Okinawa, with an initial landing of 60,000 soldiers and marines, on this day in history, April 1, 1945.  The Battle of Okinawa proved the last major engagement of World War II and the largest battle of the entire war in the Pacific … Read more

African Union Commission and Nutrition International Join Forces to Launch Advocacy Campaign Focused On Reducing Malnutrition Particularly in Adolescent Girls

African Union Commission and Nutrition International join forces to launch advocacy campaign focused on reducing malnutrition particularly in adolescent girls Africa is home to more than 250 million adolescents, the largest cohort of young people the world has ever seen. Yet, the continent sees an estimated 60 million cases of anaemia in adolescent girls each … Read more

Russia trains strategic missile forces (VIDEO) — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

A rocket division in Siberia is training to deploy nuclear-tipped Yars missiles, the Defense Ministry has reported Russia is testing the combat readiness of its strategic missile forces with a training exercise involving around 3,000 troops and road-mobile Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), the Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday. The maneuvers are being conducted by … Read more

Russian forces stalled in eastern and southern Ukraine as Kyiv claims to be ‘stabilizing’ Bakhmut sector

Putin is running out of ammunition in Ukraine: Rep. Michael McCaul

Russian progression on the eastern and southern fronts in Ukraine have apparently once again been largely stalled as it continues to grapple with casualty rates, under-trained troops and low morale.  Over the weekend, Ukraine said it was “stabilizing” the Bakhmut sector which Russian forces have been ardently fighting over for months, and reports increasingly suggest … Read more

Myanmar junta chief marks Armed Forces Day with vow to eradicate opposition — Radio Free Asia

Myanmar’s junta chief Min Aung Hlaing marked the 78th anniversary of the country’s Armed Forces Day on Monday with a vow to “take decisive action” against the military’s opposition, prompting derision from observers who dismissed what they said were empty threats. Speaking at a ceremony in the capital Naypyidaw, Min Aung Hlaing called the shadow … Read more

Myanmar marks Armed Forces Day as US increases sanctions

Myanmar’s ruling military paraded an arsenal of weapons in the capital Naypyidaw on Monday, in a grand display of force days after the United States imposed fresh sanctions against the junta for inflicting “pain and suffering on the people of Burma.” The array of equipment – ranging from rocket launchers to tanks – was deployed … Read more

Iranian attacks on US forces illustrates the projection of ‘weakness’ from Biden admin: John Ratcliffe

Former Director of National Intelligence and former United States Representative John Ratcliffe expressed his concerns about the relationship between China and Russia. In an interview with “Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy, Ratcliffe stated that the closeness between the two countries is more than just rhetoric and that the world “should be concerned.” “The … Read more

Russia’s Bakhmut offensive stalls due to ‘extreme attrition’ of forces in battle

Russia’s Bakhmut offensive in eastern Ukraine has “largely stalled” due to the sheer number of troops its lost in months of grinding battles.  That’s the latest intelligence assessment from the British Ministry of Defence, which says the impasse “is likely primarily a result of extreme attrition of the Russian force,” but notes that “Ukraine has … Read more

Biden warns Iran after U.S. forces clash with proxy groups in Syria

Biden announces measure on firearm background checks

A burst of deadly violence between U.S. forces and suspected Iranian proxies in Syria has reignited long smoldering tensions between Washington and Tehran, with the Biden administration warning Friday that while it wants to avoid a wider confrontation, indiscriminate attacks on U.S. troops would not go unpunished, Trend reports citing The Washington Post. “The United … Read more