Jane Fonda says Jennifer Lopez ‘never apologized’ for cutting her eyebrow in ‘Monster-in-Law’ slap scene

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Jane Fonda said on Friday that Jennifer Lopez “never apologized” for cutting her eyebrow during a slapping scene in the movie “Monster-in-Law.”  “Well, okay, the thing that comes to mind right away is, we have a slapping scene,” Fonda told Drew Barrymore in a segment on her talk show in which she and Lily Tomlin … Read more

Jane Fonda: Jennifer Lopez Never Apologized For Cutting Me On ‘Monster In Law’ Set

The “Moving On” star divulged the information when host Barrymore asked Fonda and her “Grace and Frankie” co-star Lily Tomlin to share their initial thoughts about some of their most iconic films. When Barrymore mentioned “Monster in Law,” Fonda said the thing she immediately thinks of when she recalls making that film is her and … Read more

Jane Fonda Wants You To Know There’s Nothing ‘Natural’ About Natural Disasters

Over the last several years, extreme climate disasters have increasingly rocked this country, destroying homes and taking lives. They happen so often — freezes in Texas, wildfires and deadly heat waves on the West Coast, and devastating hurricanes across the South and the Atlantic — that they hardly register as blips on people’s news feeds. … Read more

Marjorie Taylor Greene Lashes Out At Jane Fonda Over Her Dark Quip On ‘The View’

On Friday’s show, the Oscar winner and activist was lamenting about lawmakers enacting a slew of extreme abortion restrictions since the fall of Roe v. Wade when co-host Joy Behar asked her what could be done beyond marching and protesting. “Well, I’ve thought of murder,” she said, before pausing for effect. Lily Tomlin, who co-stars … Read more