FLASHBACK: Treasury Sec. Yellen didn’t ‘believe’ she’d see another financial crisis in her lifetime

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s words may come back to haunt her as a banking crisis looms in America and around the globe. In 2017, Yellen – while chief of the Federal Reserve – made headlines when she said she did not “believe” another financial crisis like the crash and the Great Recession in 2008 would … Read more

Flashback: Biden claims to have been arrested on Senate floor when he was 21 years old

Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden

President Biden has made many claims throughout his decades-long political career, including one about being “arrested” when he was 21 years old for sitting in the Senate presiding officer’s chair illegally. A 2007 interview Biden gave with comedian David Letterman is circulating on social media after being reposted in the wake of Fox News’ Tucker … Read more