French fishermen block ports in protest at fishing ban to protect dolphins

A dozen fishing boats blocked the entrance to the French commercial port of Bayonne on Wednesday morning to warn of “the death of artisanal fishing”, on the eve of an unprecedented “dead channel” operation in French ports. After a similar operation launched on Sunday evening in Boulogne-sur-Mer, the main French port, boats from Bayonne, Saint-Jean-de-Luz … Read more

Much Of West Coast Faces Salmon Fishing Ban As Population Plummets

SAN DIEGO (AP) — As drought dried up rivers that carry California’s newly hatched Chinook salmon to the ocean, state officials in recent years resorted to loading up the fish by the millions onto trucks and barges to take them to the Pacific. The surreal and desperate scramble boosted the survival rate of the hatchery-raised … Read more

Lao villagers barred from fishing and crabbing in Chinese tourism concession — Radio Free Asia

Local authorities in Laos have warned rural villagers not to venture into an area of land that has been designated for a Chinese tourist development, but the villagers told Radio Free Asia that they have been fishing in that area for generations. District-level officials issued notice on Feb. 16 to the villagers of Huai Siet, … Read more

North Korea removes fishing restrictions in the Yellow Sea — Radio Free Asia

North Korea has reopened the Yellow Sea to its fisheries after banning fishing there for around three years due to COVID-19 concerns, sources in the county told Radio Free Asia. North Korea declared a national emergency at the beginning of the pandemic in February 2020, shutting down its border with China and suspending fishing operations … Read more

Eight Dead As Fishing Boats Capsize Off San Diego In

 At least eight people have died after two fishing boats capsized off the coast of San Diego, California, in an apparent migrant smuggling operation, emergency officials said on Sunday. San Diego emergency crews began a search and recovery operation late Saturday night, after receiving a 911 call from a Spanish-speaker about fishing boats in distress off the … Read more

Ross Offshore Charters Fishing Vessel For Offshore

Norwegian offshore energy industry services firm Ross Offshore has agreed to charter Teige Gruppen’s Sunny Lady fishing vessel for future offshore activities. The initial agreement is for the charter for the summer of 2023, but the parties envision long-term cooperation, too. Ross Offshore will use the vessel for seabed surveys. The vessel will be equipped … Read more

Climate threats to Asian fishing – the world’s biggest source of fish (audio)

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Climate threats to Asian fishing – the world’s biggest source of fish (audio) Published 1 March 2023 Presentations , Web sites and blogs Fishing boats moored at a port in Qingdao, Shandong Province of China. The Asian fishing industry ranges from small artisanal fishers to huge vessels that travel the world.(Han Jiajun/VCG via Getty Images) The … Read more