New York gun cache discovered by Jamaica Bay fishermen believed to have been taken in home burglarly

NYC armed robbery suspect brags he’ll be freed on bail after arrest

The large cache of guns that were found by a fisherman in New York CIty’s Jamaica Bay earlier this week were allegedly from a home burglary upstate. A law enforcement official told FOX 5 New York that the guns are believed to be from a home burglary in Carmel, which is located over 70 miles … Read more

VIDEO : WATCH: Palestinian fishermen are collecting manta rays after they washed up on Gaza City’s beach

Palestinian fishermen collected manta rays after they washed up on a beach along the coast of Gaza City on Sunday.  “These manta rays have been washing up for years now,” Bashir Shuwaikh, a fisherman, said. “Every year, a large quantity of these fish wash up since it’s currently their season. Each boat carries between 20 … Read more