Azerbaijan to strengthen fighting artificial price increases, says PM

Opening of Zangazur corridor has great importance - Azerbaijani PM

BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 17. Fight against artificial price increases in Azerbaijan will be intensified, Azerbaijan’s Prime Minister Ali Asadov said during the discussion in the Azerbaijani Parliament of the report on the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan in 2022, Trend reports. “Prices are being monitored. Combating artificial price increases is one of … Read more

Pro-EU Georgians are not ‘satanists’. We are fighting for our future

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent in any way the editorial position of Euronews. Over the last week, the world witnessed two powerful images from Georgia. One filled many with hope and showed the true strength of believing in freedom. The other was an image of … Read more

Russia is fighting for its very existence – Putin — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The ongoing conflict with Ukraine is not about achieving some geopolitical gains, the president says The ongoing conflict with Ukraine – and the West – is a fight for Russia’s very existence, rather than a mere geopolitical game, President Vladimir Putin has said. He made the remarks on Tuesday while meeting with aircraft factory workers … Read more

War in Ukraine: Intense fighting in Bakhmut as Finland considers sending fighter jets to Kyiv

Intense fighting continued for the centre of the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, the site of the longest and bloodiest battle since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion. “Assault detachments [of the Russian paramilitary group] Wagner are attacking from several locations, trying to break through the defence of our troops and advance to the central … Read more

Rwanda extradition treaty payback for fighting jihadists?

“It’s a trap and it makes it easy for the [Rwandan] government regime to eliminate those who are deemed bad apples by the government back home,” Cleophas Habiyaremye tells The Africa Report in Maputo. The chairman of the Association of Rwanda Refugees in Mozambique has criticised a new extradition agreement between Kigali and Maputo, saying … Read more

French union leader vows to keep fighting Macron’s pension plan

French union leader vows to keep fighting Macron

French unions will keep on fighting against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform plan despite the upper house of parliament approving the text on Saturday, a leader of one of the main unions said on Sunday, Trend reports citing Reuters. Laurent Berger, secretary general of France’s largest union the CFDT, also warned Macron’s government against forcing … Read more

Fighting misinformation and cyberbullying against women in public sphere: Call for gender equality and online safety

Women in politics face a unique set of challenges that are not experienced by men. They are often subjected to sexist attacks, gender-based discrimination, and harassment both in the physical world and online. Misinformation and cyberbullying are the two biggest problems that women in politics and women in the public sphere face today. Many of … Read more