‘Mr. Wonderful’ torches ‘idiot’ bankers, says feds’ SVB response ‘nationalized the banking system’

Kevin O

Canadian-American investor Kevin O’Leary called out the “idiot bank managers” who led Silicon Valley Bank to its demise, further adding that the federal government’s response to the collapse unwisely “nationalized” the banking system. O’Leary, well-known by his “Mr. Wonderful” nickname coined on “Shark Tank” by fellow investor Barbara Corcoran, told “Hannity” that he however doesn’t … Read more

How Big Tech, the feds and the media all failed on Silicon Valley Bank

The tech titans are looking like a bunch of whiny bros. They view themselves as daring, risk-taking entrepreneurs, who thrive without the heavy hand of government – that is, until there’s a bank failure. Then they beg the feds to step in and save their money – even those who had millions in Silicon Valley … Read more