Deutsche Bank, UBS stocks sink as fear of European banking crisis returns

London CNN  —  Europe’s banking stocks tumbled Friday as investors acted on their lingering worries that the recent crises at some banks could spill over into the wider sector. Europe’s Stoxx Europe 600 Banks index, which tracks 42 big EU and UK banks, closed 3.8% lower. The index is down 18% from its high in … Read more

‘City Killer’ Asteroid Is Near, But There’s No Need To Fear

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — An asteroid big enough to wipe out a city will zip harmlessly between Earth and the moon’s orbit this weekend, missing both celestial bodies. Saturday’s close encounter will offer astronomers the chance to study a space rock from just over 100,000 miles (168,000 kilometers) away. That’s less than half the … Read more

Fish Can Sense Each Other’s Fear, Scientists Find

WASHINGTON (AP) — Our capacity to care about others may have very, very ancient origins, a new study suggests. It might have been deep-rooted in prehistoric animals that lived millions of years ago, before fish and mammals like us diverged on the tree of life, according to researchers who published their study Thursday in the … Read more

Gaten Matarazzo Explains ‘Deep Fear’ Of ‘Stranger Things’ Coming To End

Gaten Matarazzo is trying hard to accept that “Stranger Things” is coming to an end. While cast and crew members are preparing for the fifth and final season, Matarazzo has been weighing the pros and cons. The 20-year-old actor, who plays Dustin in the Netflix series, talked about his concerns on “The Tonight Show” on … Read more

Fear, burnout and insubordination: Insiders spill details about life at the highest levels of FBI

The Man at the Center of it All The FBI is no stranger to criticisms, both internal and external. For years, they’ve been piling up. A series of withering federal watchdog reports have faulted the bureau for slipshod compliance with everything from national-security surveillance procedures to its own rules limiting contacts with the media. A … Read more

Kim Jong-un launches ICBM to ‘strike fear into enemies’ — RT World News

The missile launch came amid the largest joint US-South Korean military drills in several years North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said his country has no choice but to show its force in order to “deter war” following its latest long-range missile test, which he claimed was a response to the ongoing “reckless” US-led war games in … Read more

LGBTQ ruling angers political leaders as gays & lesbians live in fear

When the Supreme Court ruled on 24 February that gays and lesbians have a right to register an LGBTQ rights organisations, after a drawn-out court battle that lasted for a decade, many of them could not hold back their joy. “This is a major victory not only for the LGBTQ community in Kenya, but also … Read more

Swiss bankers fear exodus of Chinese wealth – Financial Times — RT Business News

Investors are reportedly worried about the safety of their assets after Switzerland froze billions in Russian funds Executives at major banks in Switzerland have warned that the country’s decision to support Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia is having a negative impact on Swiss lenders, the Financial Times reported on Thursday. The unnamed banking officials told the … Read more