ISIS sympathizer threatened to turn St. Patrick’s Day parade into ‘horror scene,’ kill ‘fat rat mayor’


An ISIS sympathizer allegedly threatened to “slaughter” cops and “kill the fat rat mayor” of a New York City suburb during a St. Patrick’s Day Parade being attended by tens of thousands of people. Ridon Kola, 32, was arrested Friday and hit with federal charges after months of menacing messages directed at the police and … Read more

Clarkisha Kent’s ‘Fat Off, Fat On’ Asks Hard Questions

Most of us know thee Clarkisha Kent from social media. Over the years and in 280 characters, the Nigerian-American cultural critic and writer’s Twitter fingers have fiercely and unabashedly called out racism, colorism, fatphobia and basically anyone who refuses to be on the right side of history. Even better? She does it with unmatched sharp … Read more