Why Kenyan farmers are turning to sunflowers

Marystella Wabwoba packaging sunflower oil in branded bottles. By Nathan Ombuni, bird story agency Maize and sugarcane farmers in Kenya are now turning to sunflower, which grows faster, is less labour-intensive and gives higher yields. When cooking oil and animal feed prices became too high for Kenyan farmer Marystella Wabwoba, she decided to produce her … Read more

Clearing land mines by hand, farmers in Ukraine risk their lives for planting season

Valika Komyshuvaha, Ukraine CNN  —  The first time Oleksandr Havriluk returned to his farm after it had been stormed and occupied by Russian troops, tears rolled down his face when he saw what they had left behind. His farm buildings were almost completely destroyed, millions of dollars worth of heavy machinery had been left in … Read more

Wolf killings are hitting farmers hard on the Slovenia-Austria border

In the Austrian-Slovenian border region, livestock farmers say there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of animals killed by wolves.  Last year, in the Carinthia region, four times more farm animals were killed by the predator than in the previous year. Farmers are entitled to government compensation. The problem is they have to be … Read more

Creating a cocoa ecosystem where farmers thrive – POLITICO

As a global food company, at Mars we take great pride in the quality of our products. Our commitment to quality means working hard to understand the needs of our consumers, and ensuring our products, including cocoa, are made under sustainable and socially responsible conditions. For us this means being a trusted partner for the … Read more

Milk and manure: Why are Lithuanian farmers so hacked off?

On a rare sunny day in Vilnius, something increasingly common happened.  The country’s farmers were out protesting – yet again. In recent weeks, irate Lithuanian dairy farmers have given away their milk for free to anyone with a bottle and erected crucifixes outside supermarkets, as the sorry state of their industry pushes many to the brink to … Read more

Malaysian Official Says EU Regulation ‘Discrimination’ Against Small Farmers – The Diplomat

Malaysian Official Says EU Regulation ‘Discrimination’ Against Small Farmers

Advertisement A senior Malaysian official has again criticized the recently passed European Union regulation on deforestation, claiming that it amounts to “discrimination” against small-scale producers of palm oil. In a statement yesterday, Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Fadillah Yusof called for smallholders to be exempted from the EU’s Deforestation-Free Products Regulation, which requires palm oil producers … Read more

Dutch Farmers protest party in shock victory in provincial elections

A new powerhouse of Dutch right-wing populism took political center stage on Thursday after winning its first provincial elections, a victory that was seen as a resounding rebuke to Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s ruling four-party coalition. With counting of ballots from Wednesday’s vote wrapping up, the Farmer Citizen Movement — known by its Dutch acronym … Read more

Farmers’ protest party scores surprise Dutch election win — RT World News

A new political party, the Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB), is set to become the dominant party in the Netherlands’ upper house of parliament after it secured 15 senate seats in provincial elections, stunning the political establishment. BBB was established in 2019 as a riposte to government plans to reduce nitrogen emissions by imposing a significant decrease … Read more