Charity defends ‘inclusivity guide’ that triggered fact-checks — RT World News

Snopes stepped in to confirm that Oxfam really did call English the “language of a colonizing nation” after a backlash Global anti-poverty charity Oxfam’s new “inclusive language guide,” a 92-page tome billed as a must-have for NGOs “who have to communicate in English,” has elicited indignation and even a fact-check following its publication earlier this … Read more

Elon Musk fact-checks Biden on tax claim — RT World News

Twitter’s owner has shot down the US president’s assertion that billionaires pay only 3% of their earnings to the government America’s richest man on Saturday took issue with President Joe Biden’s effort to sell voters on tax increases by claiming that billionaires get away with paying only 3% of their earnings, on average, to the … Read more