Seizing Russian assets is ‘challenging’ – EU task force head — RT Business News

Debates on the legality of assets expropriation continue, with many arguing it could become a dangerous precedent The EU working group that deals with the issue of confiscating frozen Russian assets will have to be “innovative” in approaching the task, Swedish diplomat and head of the EU’s “freeze and seize task force,” Anders Ahnlid, told … Read more

Global investment in AI takes a hit – report — RT Business News

Investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in decline across the world, plummeting 34% last year to $45.8 billion, analytics company CB Insights reports. According to its analysis, the decline directly corresponds to the broader venture-funding slowdown recorded in 2022. The total number of AI deals were also down for the year by 10% to … Read more

Bank bailout could cost Swiss taxpayers billions – Bloomberg — RT Business News

Every man, woman, and child could be on the hook for $13,500, the news outlet has calculated Switzerland’s decision to rescue failing investment bank Credit Suisse could be a major burden for the nation’s taxpayers, according to Bloomberg calculations. The Swiss government has pledged to absorb 9 billion Swiss francs ($9.7 billion) of the bank’s … Read more

EU imports of Russian fish soar — RT Business News

The Netherlands, Poland and Germany ranked as the biggest buyers in 2022, the Russian Fishery Industry Association has reported Exports of Russian fish to the European Union in 2022 surged nearly 20%, according to the latest review released by the Russian Fishery Industry Association (VARPE). EU imports of fish from the sanctioned country saw a … Read more

Iran sees surge in Russian investment — RT Business News

Russia has become the leading foreign investor in Iran, Economy Minister Ehsan Khandouzi revealed in an interview with the Financial Times published on Thursday. Russia invested $2.76 billion during the financial year that ended this week in the Islamic Republic, according to Khandouzi. The minister added that Russian investors are participating in significant projects in … Read more

Economic cost of natural disasters estimated — RT Business News

Worldwide losses topped $270 billion last year, according to a new insurance analysis Natural disasters resulted in global economic losses of $275 billion last year, of which $125 billion was covered by insurance, according to an annual report by the Swiss Re Institute. The publication, which was issued on Wednesday, showed that 2022 was the … Read more

EU may target Asian nations that help Russia evade sanctions – Telegraph — RT Business News

Brussels is reportedly concerned about an uptick in dual-use items being shipped to Central Asia The European Union may introduce trade restrictions on Central Asian countries over alleged help to Russia to circumvent sanctions imposed on Moscow over the military operation in Ukraine, The Telegraph reported on Friday, citing a confidential paper. Officials in Brussels … Read more

MEDEF plans to participate in business forum in Uzbekistan

MEDEF plans to participate in business forum in Uzbekistan

BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 25. The members of the Movement of the Enterprises of France (MEDEF) plan to visit Uzbekistan in April 2023 to participate in a joint business forum, Trend reports with the reference to the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade of Uzbekistan. This became known following the negotiations between Laziz Kudratov, Minister of … Read more

Biden sees no threat to US banking sector — RT Business News

The US President admits that Washington needs time to deal with the current challenges The American banking sector is not going to explode, US President Joe Biden said on Friday, but added that the country still needed some time to resolve the present difficulties at financial institutions. The president said US lenders were in relatively … Read more

Breakfast becoming more costly for Britons – Bloomberg — RT Business News

The prices of key ingredients have soared along with overall inflation, according to the outlet The cost of a basket of goods used to make the traditional English breakfast has surged to over £35 ($43) due to a lack of fresh vegetables in supermarkets and accelerating inflation, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. According to the outlet’s … Read more