Absa CIB sees genetically modified crops as key to Africa’s food security

GM seeds, widely used in the US, Canada, Brazil and India, have been artificially altered to enhance some of their characteristics. The global acreage of GM crops under cultivation increased from 1.7 million hectares in 1996 to 191.7 million ha in 2019. Africa, where most countries still don’t allow GM crops, played little part in … Read more

Africa’s top diamond producer threatens to cut out De Beers – Bloomberg — RT Africa

Botswana’s deal with HB Antwerp could reportedly end its longtime partnership with the South African firm Botswana will take a 24% stake in Belgian gem trader HB Antwerp, the country’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi stated on Monday, according to Bloomberg. The move could reportedly challenge the country’s decades-old agreement with South African diamond giant De Beers. … Read more

Africa’s TB Reduction Rate Falls Short Amid Slowing Global Progress

Brazzaville — The African region is recording around 4% annual decline rate in tuberculosis (TB) cases. Although the rate is double the global pace, the region risks missing major milestones and targets to end the disease if efforts are not scaled up rapidly. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) End TB Strategy calls for countries to … Read more

Africa: Egypt’s Diplomatic Campaign Against GERD Is a Threat to Africa’s Progress

As Ethiopia continues to receive applause from the rest of the countries in Africa, for singlehandedly (without foreign funding) together with its people, constructing a $5-billion mega-power plant, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Egypt is doubling on efforts to fail it. The dam, whose construction is now 90% complete, when fully done, will produce … Read more

Digitalising East Africa’s transportation industry

BuuPass founders Sonia Kabra, from India, and Wyclife Omondi, from Kenya, first met while attending college in the United States. Their shared interest in addressing the challenges of Africa’s public transportation led them to establish BuuPass, an online platform streamlining bookings for intercity bus, train and plane travel. Currently, BuuPass collaborates with 29 active bus … Read more

BP quits South Africa’s aviation under cloud of Russia’s sanctions

“A decision was taken to exit all of BP’s aviation activities; as an operator at the airports and direct supplier to airlines in South Africa. The decision was made as a result of Air BP’s current global business strategy,” Hamlet Morule, BP’s head of external affairs for Southern Africa, tells The Africa Report. Source link

Standard Bank, Absa, Nedbank…who are the main players in South Africa’s banking sector?

With inflation, unemployment, interest rates, and power cuts all shooting up in a sluggish economy, South Africa’s banks “can rely on their prudent risk management, improved liquidity, and solid capital buffers to weather the tough conditions”, Moody’s says in a note released on Tuesday 21 February. Source link

Africa: Can Groundwater Act as a Catalyst for Sustainable Development in Africa’s Borderlands?

The Horn of Africa is facing a severe drought following the worst performing rains in 73 years and five successive failed rainy seasons. A sixth rainy season is forecast to also fail in April/May 2023. The frequency and severity of drought is increasing, making it harder for people to recover between shocks. The long-term outlook … Read more

Africa’s Aquifers Hold More Than 20 Times the Water Stored in the Continent’s Lakes, but They Aren’t the Answer to Water Scarcity

Discoveries of aquifers – underground earth formations that hold water – often create excitement around their ability to ease water scarcity in a region. For instance, about 10 years ago a large aquifer was discovered in Kenya’s Turkana region. This is one of the hottest, driest parts of Kenya and it frequently suffers from drought. … Read more