John Legend Gives Hilarious Sex Advice To Parents On How To Keep Things ‘Hot’

John Legend isn’t a rookie when it comes to parenting three little ones with his wife, Chrissy Teigen, so it’s totally on brand that he’s offering up hilarious advice for fellow parents on how to keep their “sex life alive.” Many parents struggle with finding creative ways to get personal time away from their kids, … Read more

Laura Ingraham Offers Trump Some Campaign Advice That He Definitely Won’t Like

Her number one suggestion? “Stop talking about 2020.” “Now, if I were Trump and running his campaign, I’d strongly urge him to stop talking about 2020,” she said Wednesday night. “It’s over. Enough. Marinating in old claims of election fraud will not win over a single voter in any state that he needs to win … Read more

China gives US advice on Ukraine — RT World News

It’s time for Washington to reconsider its stance on the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, Beijing says The US should stop “fanning the flames” of the conflict in Ukraine instead of making accusations against Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin has said. During a briefing on Wednesday, Wang responded to a statement by US … Read more

Washington seeks banking crisis advice from Warren Buffet – Bloomberg — RT Business News

Talks reportedly touched on the ‘Oracle of Omaha’s’ possible investment in the banking sector Senior US officials have been in talks with billionaire investor Warren Buffet, discussing the unfolding banking crisis and possible ways out of it, Bloomberg reported on Sunday, citing sources within President Joe Biden’s administration. Known as the “Oracle of Omaha,” Buffett … Read more

Michael Cohen Hits Possible Trump Lawyers With 1 Word Of Advice

Michael Cohen, who served as Donald Trump’s lawyer and fixer for more than a decade, had a stark recommendation for attorneys who may be considering working with the former president. As Trump reportedly faces imminent charges over a hush-money payment to adult actor Stormy Daniels, which saw Cohen himself convicted and sent to prison, the … Read more

Tweets About The Worst Parenting Advice People Received

Nothing elicits more uninvited commentary from strangers than a crying baby: They’re hot! They’re cold! They’re hungry! You’re holding them wrong! It’s enough to make new parents want to hide indoors. But the fun doesn’t stop when your child enters toddlerhood. Friends, relatives and passersby are more than happy to offer words of wisdom, whether … Read more

Biden Gives ‘Daily Show’ Host Kal Penn Blunt Advice On Marrying His Fiancé, Josh

President Joe Biden offered Kal Penn some matter-of-fact advice on marrying his longtime fiancé: “Do it now. Don’t wait.” The president was interviewed by Penn, in Indian-American actor best known for starring in the “Harold & Kumar” movies, for an episode of “The Daily Show” that aired Monday. Penn came out in 2021, revealing that … Read more