Infrastructure, talents are some of the challenges finance industry faces in adopting AI: Provenir

Bharath Vellore, General Manager, Asia-Pacific, Provenir Even before the rising popularity of ChatGPT and similar tools, the finance industry has begun to explore the use of AI in its various sectors. According to Bharath Vellore, General Manager, Asia-Pacific, Provenir, in an email interview with e27, there are three notable use cases of AI in the … Read more

Wellesley College students vote in favor of adopting gender-neutral language and opening admissions to all nonbinary and transgender applicants

CNN  —  Students at Wellesley College in Massachusetts approved a referendum Tuesday that called for accepting admissions applications from all nonbinary and transgender prospective students, a college spokesperson said. The women’s college of about 2,300 students currently accepts those who “live as women and consistently identify as women,” including transgender women, according to the gender … Read more