Pro-Kremlin Activists Rally Outside Embassies on Crimea Anniversary

Pro-Kremlin activists rallied in Moscow Saturday outside embassies of countries considered “unfriendly” by Russia on the ninth anniversary of its annexation of Crimea, a youth movement said. The pro-Kremlin youth movement “Molodaya Gvardia” (“The Young Guard”) said that over 5,000 people demonstrated outside the embassies of 20 “unfriendly” nations including the United States, France, Germany … Read more

Africa: Why France EACOP Case Might Embolden, Not Discourage, Activists

Though the legal claim against TotalEnergies was dismissed on technicalities, it set some bold precedents. On 28 February, a French court declared an appeal against a controversial oil and gas project in East Africa, largely owned by TotalEnergies, to be inadmissible. Sitting in summary proceedings, the Judicial Court of Paris did not assess the details … Read more

Violet Coco: Activist’s jail term overturned in Australia protest row

When sentencing her in December, Magistrate Allison Hawkins said the 32-year-old let the “entire city suffer” with her “selfish emotional actions”, and repeatedly cited the claim – still tendered as fact by police then – that the protest had blocked an ambulance. Source link

Activists wary of project that would return 1,000 Rohingya refugees to Myanmar — Radio Free Asia

Activists and refugees are doubting that a pilot project to repatriate about 1,000 Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh to Myanmar will be successful. The project, a result of negotiations between Myanmar’s military junta, Bangladesh and China, would bring returnees through two reentry centers in Ngar Khu Ya and Hla Pho Khaung in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state.  … Read more

Biden sides with oil over climate activists — RT World News

The US government has approved an Alaskan drilling venture despite pressure from environmentalists to kill the project Three days after denying that a decision had been made, President Joe Biden’s administration has approved an $8 billion oil development in the Alaskan Arctic, clearing the way for a drilling project decried by climate activists as an … Read more

Activists say top Cambodian official’s call for smooth election just empty talk — Radio Free Asia

A top Cambodian government minister’s public appeal for a peaceful, inclusive national election was being met with skepticism by election watchdog and opposition party officials. Minister of Interior Sar Kheng on Sunday said authorities and police forces at all levels should make it easy for all political parties to operate freely as activists begin meeting … Read more

Languages in Russia Disappearing Faster than Data Suggests, Activists Warn

Hundreds of rare languages spoken by Russia’s ethnic minorities are disappearing even more rapidly than recently-published census data suggests, activists and independent experts warned, as linguistic policies imposed by Moscow do little to preserve the country’s historic diversity.  In a recent blow, Russia lost one of its last indigenous speakers of Aleut, a language native … Read more

Dutch farmers, climate activists stage protests in The Hague – POLITICO

Thousands of farmers protested in The Hague on Saturday against the Dutch government’s plans to cut nitrate emissions, while environmental activists demonstrated against what they label state support for fossil fuels.  The demonstrations were held ahead of provincial elections set for Wednesday. They come after protests earlier this month in neighboring Belgium, where Flemish farmers … Read more

Activists vandalize Scotland’s ‘Braveheart’ monument in climate protest

Climate activists have treated pipelines as the

A pair of climate activists in Scotland will face trial after allegedly vandalizing a display case holding national hero William Wallace’s broadsword. “The police say the accused believe they were raising awareness of climate change and that their actions were necessary for the cause,” prosecutor Eilidh Smith said.  Alexander Cloudley, 29 and Katrielle Chan, 21, … Read more

Activists plant empty tents to encourage homelessness in Portland, drug counselor says

PORTLAND, Ore. – On a sidewalk littered with tarps, bicycles and discarded food containers, one tent sat farther away from the rest. It was clean, with the rain fly removed, showcasing the vacant interior. “This is an empty tent erected by activists to encourage people to live in tents,” Kevin Dahlgren said. Kevin Dahlgren, a … Read more