Belarus Blames Western ‘Pressure’ for Decision to Accept Nuclear Weapons

Belarus said on Tuesday that it felt compelled to host Russian nuclear weapons after “unprecedented” Western pressure, insisting their deployment did not violate international agreements. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently announced plans to station tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus, its closest ally, which drew condemnation from the West. “Belarus is forced to … Read more

Prosecutors accept deal with George Santos in Brazilian fraud case

CNN  —  Prosecutors in Brazil have agreed to a deal with Rep. George Santos in a case in which he is accused of defrauding a Rio de Janeiro area clerk of $1,300 over clothes and shoes in 2008, documents obtained by CNN show. A petition from Santos’ attorney requesting a deal says Santos would agree … Read more

There is one condition for Armenians to live comfortably on area of 29,000 square kilometers – they must accept our conditions – President Ilham Aliyev

President Ilham Aliyev arrives in Germany for working visit

BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 18. There is one condition for them to live comfortably on an area of 29,000 square kilometers – Armenia must accept our conditions, said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev as he addressed the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of the Novruz holiday in the Talish village of the Tartar district, Trend … Read more

Republicans Accept No Blame For Bank Failures After They Voted To Deregulate Banks

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans insist that the bank deregulation bill Donald Trump signed into law five years ago had nothing to do with the bank failures that caught regulators off guard this month. Instead, Republicans blame the regulators for failing to spot problems on balance sheets at Silicon Valley Bank in California and Signature Bank … Read more