It’s Time To Rethink Myanmar’s Ethnic Armed Organizations – The Diplomat

Myanmar’s NUG Rebel Government Needs Money

Advertisement As Myanmar’s armed resistance against the February 2021 coup enters its second year, calls for ethnic armed organizations (EAOs), sometimes known as ethnic revolutionary organizations, to unite and bolster ties with the resistance movement are growing louder. This sentiment resonates not only among international observers but has also been expressed by the opposition National … Read more

Soccer is Empowering Burmese Migrant Girls on the Thai Border – The Diplomat

Soccer is Empowering Burmese Migrant Girls on the Thai Border

Advertisement In a culture with deep-rooted norms for men and women, it is rare to see Burmese girls playing sports; they are generally expected to perform household chores and stay indoors to care for the family. Yet, an organization that began with a small idea 10 years ago is transforming deeply held beliefs of gender … Read more

Building successful remote teams: Navigating cultural differences between Southeast Asia and the world

In recent years, Southeast Asia has become a hub for startups due to its growing economy and the presence of a large pool of tech talent. As more and more startups are born in Southeast Asia, they are also increasingly adopting remote work as a way of scaling and accessing a larger talent pool. However, … Read more

The rise of Social+ 2.0: How in-app communities and AI are reshaping the consumer tech landscape

Wonder why some products have a loyal following? The Social+ business model taps into our desire to connect and collaborate, changing the game for companies worldwide. Kitcod has been at the forefront of this social revolution in Singapore. In this article, I’ll shares insights on the power of Social+, going beyond transactions to foster collaboration … Read more

Landmines add to Myanmar misery — Radio Free Asia

Landmines are now killing at least 100 civilians a year since Myanmar’s military seized power in a February 2021 coup, sparking protests and armed resistance across the Southeast Asian country. The victims of mines deployed by the Myanmar junta and by some of its armed opponents often lose limbs in the explosions and are disabled … Read more

Thai police seeking anti-junta activists detain 108 Myanmar nationals in Mae Sot — Radio Free Asia

Authorities in western Thailand’s Tak province detained as many as 108 Myanmar nationals Wednesday in a series of raids on buildings believed to house members of anti-junta groups, confiscating what they claimed was military equipment. The raids took place at around 1 p.m. in Tak’s Mae Sot district, along the border with Myanmar, and followed … Read more

Thai, Chinese backers sign power purchase agreement for Mekong River dam in Laos — Radio Free Asia

Thai and Chinese investors have signed a power purchase agreement that paves the way for the construction of a third dam on the Mekong River in Laos. The project in the Pak Lay district of northern Laos’ Xayaburi province – delayed for several years – could see work on basic infrastructure like a bridge and … Read more

TikTok CEO denies links to Chinese Communist Party — Radio Free Asia

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew on Thursday denied the popular social media app has links to the Chinese Communist Party, dismissing even the notion that its Beijing-based parent ByteDance is a Chinese company and arguing that it has no oversight over the app. Chew was appearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in long-awaited … Read more

Tibetan Buddhist school requires students to obey Communist Party, oppose separatists — Radio Free Asia

A Tibetan Buddhist school in southwestern China is requiring entering students to obey the ruling Chinese Communist Party and oppose “separatists,” according to an admissions notice issued Thursday and obtained by Radio Free Asia. The Tibetan Buddhist Institute in Sichuan province has made abiding by the CCP’s ideology and opposing those who advocate splitting the … Read more