Africa: Will Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill Resonate Across Africa?

Washington — Human rights activists say Uganda’s passage of an anti-homosexuality bill could be the impetus for similar far-reaching legislation across Africa as anti-gay sentiments grow. More than 30 African states already have laws that ban same-sex relationships. Ghana, for example, has recently introduced anti-LGBTQI bills before parliament in an attempt to criminalize consensual same-sex … Read more

Africa: WHO Chief Warns Against Misinformation Over Global Pandemic Accord

The head of the UN World Health Organization on Thursday spoke out forcefully against “misinformation on social media and in the mainstream media” which has falsely alleged that a new global pandemic accord being negotiated, would allow the WHO to override national sovereignty relating to a future outbreak. Briefing correspondents in Geneva at his regular … Read more

Africa: Fast-Tracking Global Early Warnings Systems

13 African countries among initial group to receive coordinated and targeted support in new global early warning initiative. A global initiative to ensure that everyone on Earth is protected by early warnings by 2027 is being fast-tracked into action on the ground. Early Warning Systems provide more than a tenfold return on investment. Just 24 … Read more

Miya founder reveals strategy for selling water in Senegal

Miya sells 19-litre reusable water bottles. Although over 80% of the Senegalese population has basic access to water services, a considerably smaller number can access safe water. Contaminated water persistently contributes to the spread of diseases. Established in 2019, Miya is a Senegal-based water company that aims to provide a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to … Read more

How independent music label Matsuli has kept local jazz alive

While there are those who place flowers upon graves to honour the dead, others dust off the archives to reissue the music of an artist lost to time. Pianist Gideon Nxumalo, who died in 1970, was unable to defend his 1968 album Gideon Plays, whose original tapes are nowhere to be found. Fortunately, there are … Read more

Burkina Faso, CAR, Côte d’Ivoire… Ari Ben-Menashe, lobbyist for countries in crisis

Lieutenant Colonel Damiba, Nabil Karoui, Denis Sassou Nguesso, Laurent Gbagbo, General Hemetti, etc. These are some of the clients of this effective Israeli-Canadian lobbyist, known for his questionable methods… This is part 4 of a 5-part series His clients often have the same profile – politicians in trouble or states in crisis desperate for international … Read more

Africa: Riding the WAVE Towards Ending Youth Unemployment in Nigeria

Lagos — West Africa Fellow Molade Adeniyi applies leadership lessons from the Acumen Fellowship as CEO at WAVE When Acumen Fellow Molade Adeniyi moved back to Nigeria over a decade ago, one reality stood out amongst others. She couldn’t ignore how her classmates from high school struggled to get decent employment. “Their trajectories were very … Read more

Africa: ‘How Sustainable Journalism is Crucial for Creating a Better Future’

Nairobi — Today’s world is confronted with an unprecedented array of environmental, social, and economic challenges, that affect not only our local communities but also the global community. As we grapple with these complex issues, there is a growing recognition of the vital role that journalism plays in shaping our collective understanding of the world. … Read more

Africa: WHO Announces New Director of the Global Malaria Programme

WHO is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Daniel Ngamije Madandi, MD, MPH as Director of the Global Malaria Programme, effective 8 April 2023. Dr Ngamije served as the Rwandan Minister of Health from February 2020 to November 2022. During this time, he led the development and execution of the Health Sector Strategic Plan … Read more

Special Prosecutor unpaid for 17 months as anti-graft advocates fume

During the time only one senior official – the deputy special prosecutor, in office since May 2018 –  has been drawing a salary. The new staff recruited in the tenure of the current boss have been going home without any remuneration for close to two years. “That was really dangerous and a major blow against … Read more