The first 10 frontrunners closer to competing in the 2023 TOP100


Registration for TOP100 is now open and we are looking forward to seeing your startup on the list!

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Now that Echelon Asia Summit is coming back in full swing, e27 is determined to make one of its key features, the TOP100, one of the best yet!

TOP100 program is an annual initiative organised by e27 to showcase and recognise the top most promising startups in the Asia-Pacific region.

The program is open to exciting new startups from the Asia-Pacific region with innovative ideas that break barriers across different industries. The selection of the TOP100 involves a rigorous screening process, including an evaluation of the startup’s product or service, team, market potential, and traction.

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The selected startups are given the opportunity to pitch their business ideas at the Echelon Asia Summit this June 14-15, 2023, at the Singapore Expo. The program also provides exposure to investors, mentors, and potential partners, enabling growth among participating startups and helping them expand their networks across the larger global tech ecosystem.

The TOP100 program has become one of the most prestigious startup competitions in the region, attracting thousands of applicants each year and providing valuable visibility and support to the most promising startups in the region.

The first 10 frontrunners for this year’s TOP100

Being a frontrunner refers to startups who are close to making it to this year’s TOP100 program.

With all the amazing startups sprouting across the Asia-Pacific region’s vibrant tech startup ecosystem, we now present you with the first batch of frontrunners. Get to know the 10 startups that are one step closer to competing in this year’s prestigious program!

24 Solution Group (Thailand)

24 FIX is an end-to-end maintenance service platform that combines expertise in construction with a computerised maintenance management system to deliver solutions for all types and sizes of users.

24 FIX is an investor-backed one-stop maintenance service platform based in Bangkok. Especially for business accounts, their service extends to areas such as material marketplace, inventory management, and predictive and preventive maintenance with the integration of their computerised maintenance management system.


Filmplace is a marketplace that helps connect brands with creatives where brands can hire locations, cast, talent, crew, equipment, props, and others — all at Filmplace.

The company is the first full-fledged content creator marketplace. They are headquartered in Singapore with branch offices and teams in South Korea and India. Their platform is solving problems commonly faced throughout the entire industry worldwide, which ranges from securing a film location to hiring talents within the shortest time while lowering their cost and reducing resources.


myFirst is the safe and suitable kids’ tech ecosystem with fun devices, safe apps, connected services, and the world’s first kids’ social circle, myFirst Circle, for kids and families to stay connected!

myFirst Circle is the world’s first kids’ social circle with a slew of features including safe calls, messaging, location, and a social sharing ecosystem specially designed for kids, their friends and family to stay connected. All the good from staying connected, with no ads, no strangers, only real connections.

Devices include smartwatches, cameras, headphones, smart sketch boards, 3D pens, and more to enable kids to do whatever grown-ups do with technology, but with safety and suitability for them.


Kitcod is a suite of APIs powering communication and social engagement through — Newsfeeds, groups, profiles, chat, voice, and video within any app. They are a social-as-a-service platform that enables an in-app social community for consumer apps across industries globally.

They make high-quality social features integration easy so developers can focus on building their core product with a few lines of code. A fully managed Social infrastructure, API, with a fully customisable UI-Kit to build deep and meaningful consumer experiences for their brand. Even a junior developer can effortlessly add all the most loved social features to your app or website in hours.

startup oi

startup oi was founded with the aim of building a professional and social tech community around the world by redefining the future of work.

Startup oi, a global Singapore-based social media and talent matching platform built for engineers, was built to connect engineers around the world through the first global work-and-play network for engineers. Startup oi is focusing on connecting engineers and companies for the future of remote work. There is an emergence of pure-play code repositories or general social networking sites, but until startup oi, no platform has emerged with a focus on building a global engineering community.

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Soft Solvers Solutions

Agiliux is on a mission to digitalise and transform Insurance distribution, by offering software solutions to Insurance companies, brokers, agencies and banks to improve distribution efficiencies.

While still at their earlier startup, they worked with a former Insurtech for over six years and developed multiple applications to support their operations in 5 Southeast Asian countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and India.


Howuku is an all-in-one behaviour analytics platform with a powerful and user-friendly tool to help SMBs improve user experience and drive conversion rates.

The company provides a full-package suite that is intuitive and easy to use so you can make informed UX improvements, and in turn, help you increase your business revenue and create lasting relationships with customers for life.

Boost Capital


Boost is an award-winning B2B2C SAAS platform that allows Financial Institutions to onboard loan and savings account applicants digitally in 5-10 minutes without any app download.

Boost transforms financial institutions, expanding their client reach through smartphone-delivered financial services. Boost adds a digital application channel that complements their partners’ current operations — clients apply through Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Whatsapp. Real-time applications and credit checks are 100x faster than traditional processes. Financial Institutions can launch with Boost in only a few weeks because their integrations are simple and enable immediate access to a larger client base that can apply 24×7 from anywhere. presents as a Learning Management System that becomes a source of information in the world of education. They provide information on teaching and learning that can serve as a source of data sharing for schools, local government, and central government for continuous development. is also connected to various schools throughout Indonesia to provide the best experience in teaching and learning. They always work to improve literacy and numeracy scores as learning outcomes, provide motivation and encouragement in teaching, and build structured relationships and communication with all education stakeholders.


HeyHi Pte Ltd

HeyHi is a K-12 AI-enabled assessment & personalised learning system, in a collaborative learning space.

HeyHi offers a unique AI-enabled assessment and personalised learning system that empowers educators to teach and personalise education efficiently and seamlessly in a highly collaborative learning environment. With teaching versatility for both live and self-paced instructions in a flexible learning environment — online, on-site, and hybrid, HeyHi magnifies learners’ opportunities and enhances their borderless learning journey.

A step closer to the 2023 TOP100

After a rigorous screening process, these startups are a step closer to qualifying for this year’s TOP100.

If you are one of the founders of the startups above, a representative from e27 will be reaching out to you soon to discuss with you the next step in your application process. Feel free to get in touch with us for any inquiries.

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If you have an exciting startup with innovative ideas that can eclipse the best and the brightest in the region, join the 2023 TOP100 and stand a chance to pitch your ideas to some of the top investors in the Asia-Pacific at this year’s Echelon Asia Summit. Register for TOP100 here.

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