Malaysian startups, MNCs have started recognising the importance of Web3: Jasmine Ng

Jasmine Ng, Co-Founder of myBID and a founding member of Women In Blockchain Asia

This article was first published on November 25, 2022.

In October, the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) and ReGov Technologies unveiled the APU-myBID Web3 Innovation Lab (WIL) to promote and nurture Web3 talents in Malaysia.

Through this collaboration, APU and ReGov aim to respond to the global need for Web3 talent as the world gradually shifts from Web2 to Web3. APU will conduct the Innovation Lab with support from ReGov, which specialises in eKYC for financial institutions and owns the Web3-based identity management platform myBID.

The Web3 Innovation Lab will be open to APU students from all faculties, granting students access to specialised Web3 training and opportunities to sharpen their skills through experiential learning.

In this conversation with e27, Jasmine Ng, Co-Founder of myBID and founding member of Women In Blockchain Asia, discusses the programme and its objectives.


How severe is the Web3 talent crunch in Malaysia? How the APU-ReGov collaboration aims to address this?

There is a growing demand for Web3 developers, but less than 1 per cent of programmers have the necessary skills to do the job. Due to this, companies that require this skill set are often forced to look elsewhere. For instance, ReGov recruited our blockchain engineers from India and China.

Web3 Innovation Lab is a not-for-profit aiming to empower the next generation of Web3 developers from within the university students with the skills, real-life experience, and training necessary to address the technology talent gap.

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To address the Web3 talent crunch in Malaysia, we are also working on securing two more universities to set up Web3 Training and Innovation Lab.

How is the overall Web3 ecosystem growing in Malaysia? Is there an eagerness among local companies to embrace Web3 and blockchain?

Web3 as a whole is a relatively new technology to Malaysia as the government is still evaluating and understanding the impacts of Web3. It is one of the most popular terms associated with the next digital leap forward in data security and privacy.

The importance of Web3 is rapidly being recognised by startups and large and established companies. This is represented by the fact that over 80 of the world’s top 100 listed companies currently employ some form of blockchain.

The potential benefits are not just limited to reduced cost but also improved security and compliance. These benefits are too good to ignore. The dilemma is whether they have the willpower to embark on Web3 transformation as it will consume resources.

APU’s Chief Innovation and Enterprise Officer Vinesh Thiruchelvam (L) and Jasmine Ng during the MoU signing ceremony

Can you share more details about the programme? How many candidates do you expect to join it? Will you help the successful candidates with placements etc.?

We cannot share more details as it is still in the execution phase.

Once students complete their training and practical assessments, they will be given opportunities to work on myBID use cases supervised by ReGov. They can choose from various use cases depending on their interests, allowing them to pick up real-life Web3 knowledge.

Upon completion of the programme, students can enter the workforce with a healthy blend of hard skills and professional experience, maximising their employability within the Web3 industry.

One of the benefits of this programme is that ReGov ourselves are willing to hire participants who impress during the programme immediately. By doing so, we can offer these candidates stable employment and prove that the demand for Web3 is not just hot air.

What is the role of ReGov here?

ReGov will assist APU in designing the course syllabus to ensure the students receive a curriculum that fully addresses the market’s current needs.

Additionally, students will be working with ReGov during the practical portion of the course to develop Web3 projects that may be deployed within APU or even to other commercial entities.

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