Student Loan Debt and Its Impact on Financial Goals

A college degree is often pushed as the ticket to a better life. However, affording the college price tag can be challenging; many students need loans to cover their costs. The cost of those loans is more than just financial. Many student loan borrowers say that their educational debt has impacted their ability to reach … Read more

Man charged over alleged gangland execution of Rami Iskander

Gangland detectives have charged a man over the alleged murder of Rami Iskander, the nephew of murdered underworld bigwig Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad. Iskander, 24, was gunned down on the driveway of the Belmore home he shared with his heavily pregnant wife and toddler as he arrived home about 4am on May 14. Rami Iskander was … Read more

Transport strike in 8 districts of Rajshahi from Thursday

The Rajshahi Division Transport Owners Association has announced a transport strike beginning on Thursday ahead of the BNP divisional rally on Saturday in the division. All districts in the Rajshahi division will have an indefinite ban on bus and truck movement beginning from 6am on Thursday. Rajshahi Road Transport Group General Secretary Motiul Haque Tito … Read more

College encourages alumni engagement beyond financial donations

Ithaca College is changing its approach to alumni engagement, focusing on creating relationships with alumni beyond financial contributions. Tanya Hutchins ’89, president of the college’s Alumni Association Board of Directors, said alumni donations can be divided into three categories: time, talent and treasure. Time donations include attending alumni events and visiting classrooms. Talent donations include … Read more

Craig Foster wants Sydney World Cup live site

Early on Thursday morning, fans expressed their frustration at the lack of a public site in Sydney to support the Socceroos. “You can’t miss this opportunity to bring a community together and unite us as a country, for 90 minutes,” Twitter user @CTrajceska wrote, tagging Perrottet and the City of Sydney council. Loading “C’mon @Dom_Perrottet … Read more

Rockstar Thought Grand Theft Auto Was Going to be a Massive Failure

Trevor from GTA V plays innocent

In the company’s twilight years, Rockstar had little confidence that its Grand Theft Auto franchise would be successful. As detailed on IGN, this information came to light during a BBC 5 interview with GTA 2 producer Colin Macdonald, who helped build the game at DMA Design. This company would ultimately become Rockstar North. While discussing … Read more

TruStone Financial Shreds Nearly 44 Tons of Documents for

PLYMOUTH, Minn., Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TruStone Financial Credit Union securely shredded about 44 tons or 87,000 pounds of confidential documents for the community at nine shred events in Minnesota and Wisconsin in 2022. During TruStone’s spring events, more than 42 tons of documents were shredded, with the fall events yielding about 2 … Read more

What is stealthing? Consent activist Chanel Contos to address MPs

Sexual consent activist Chanel Contos (Image: REUTERS/ Cordelia Hsu)

Queensland MPs will hear from a victim of stealthing — the non-consensual removal of a condom during sex. Sexual consent activist Chanel Contos (Image: REUTERS/ Cordelia Hsu) Sexual consent activist Chanel Contos will address Queensland Parliament today to raise awareness of the harm of stealthing, the practice where a person secretly removes a condom during … Read more

GTA 5 TikToks reveal where players can steal super rare cars on map

Josh Tyler   ❘   Published: 2022-11-30T22:31:16   ❘   Updated: 2022-11-30T22:31:28 One wise GTA 5 player took to the streets of Los Santos to find some of the game’s rarest cars, with the help of… TikTok? Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out for so long that there truly aren’t many surprises or hidden … Read more